Episode 20: Hy-Gain Factory Tour

Episode 20 is On-The-Air ...

AmateurLogic.TV Episode 20 is now available for download.

George, Tommy, and Peter are back with the long awaited episode 20. Tour the Hy-Gain Factory and see how antennas and rotors are built. Peter tells us all about those mysterious ‘Numbers Stations’ on short wave. Plus an update on what your hosts have been up to lately, viewer email and timely topics.

It’s 41:42 of Ham Radio Fun.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 20: Hy-Gain Factory Tour”

  1. I must publicly compliment George on his editing in this episode. I thought it was very professionally done.

    We’ll miss Jimmy though. I must also thank Jimmy publicly for his contribution to the show over the first 19 episodes. I hope readers will likewise thank Jimmy and wish him well.


    Peter VK3PB

  2. alsome episode really enjoyed learning about the number stations and factory tours are always fun keep up the great work

  3. Hello to the makers.
    Thank you for the new and very interessting show. It was worth waiting for it.
    I am very sorry about the decision from Jimmy to leave the team for he, like the others too, have his own special personality, which made every show worth watching. I wish Jimmy all the best for the future and many thanks for the time he invested into the first 19 shows.
    Many thanks to the remaining producers for for all the time and afford you have invested and hopefully will do in the upcoming shows.

    vy 73 de Wolf, DC9FO

  4. Sorry to hear you are leaving Jimmy. Have enjoyed your contributions in past episodes. 73 to you Jimmy.

    Another excellent episode…I have enjoyed the tours around the various factories to see how things are made. Well done all.

    73 Phil…VK6ADF

  5. Thanks all for another great episode, I really enjoy the factory tours! Sorry to hear you leaving Jimmy, I really enjoyed your segments.

    73 Steven.. K8PEZ

  6. I have just been watching the old episodes after being introduced to this show and after a 2 day session watching them I’m hooked, Sorry to hear jimmy has left now as I certainly enjoyed his segments. All of you guys do a great job and make a show that is certainly 100 percent more watchable and enjoyable that whats on regular TV. thanks heaps!

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