Please stay tuned…

There’s more to come. We’ve got a few suprises in store.
In fact, you might even see some hosts at the Dayton Hamvention.
In the meantime, enjoy the available episodes here and also visit our friend Bill at

9 thoughts on “Please stay tuned…”

  1. Thank goodness nothing happened to you guys! I have been jonesin’ for some A.L. 🙂

  2. I don’t know whats wrong with my Basic Stamp module…I had to send it in for testing. I’ve got tons of code waiting in the wings for it!

  3. In the interest of objectivity and flexibility, I’d also like to see some info on the Atmel AVR series of microcontrollers (perhaps the butterfly) and perhaps even the Arduino development platform.
    Looking forward to the next episode! Best wishes for a speedy return guys!

  4. Hi all

    I am looking forward to seeing some Amateurlogic content from Downunder this year. I hope you find my footage suitable and the viewers like it too. I encourage readers to send in their own video segments for inclusion in the show. It’s a big job doing a show such as this and if everyone sends in a few segments it will make the job of Tommy, George and Jim much easier.

    Peter, VK3PB
    VK3PB Amateur Television: The One for Fish
    Melbourne Australia

  5. Everyone say hello to Peter!

    We know you are going to enjoy a view of Ham Radio from Downunder. And we hope he becomes a regular on the show…

    George, W5JDX

  6. Your siren song calls once more
    The shrill of off beet code sings in my ear,
    tantalizing, beckoning
    I listen carefully
    Oh when will thy head rear?
    When will I again glean thy knowledge and jest?
    I turn, listen, turn, listen, fading, fading
    Must have been skip!

    Vancouver, WA

  7. THANK GOODNESS!!!!! Man, I am really missing you guys, hope to see some great content!!! Have fun at Dayton!

    73’s de K1LNX (ex N1VLV)
    Johnson City, TN

  8. Jim and I will be at Dayton at the end of this week. If any of you will be there you can give us a hollar on 146.440. My call is N5ZNO and Jim’s is N5SPE. We will be there on Friday and Saturday.

    We hope to see you there.

    Tommy, N5ZNO

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